The Wedding Favors

Marriage is an important and joyous event for any couple. Therefore, the theme and decoration of a wedding party need to be thought over carefully. The souvenir, which is the symbol of the couple’s thankfulness to the guests, is a part of the party’s decoration. This tradition has been practiced for centuries by many cultures worldwide. So pick the best, the loveliest and a one in a million kind of souvenirs, to share the beauty of your love with everyone.



• Match the souvenir with the theme of your wedding. As an idea, if you have a garden party, hang your souvenirs for the guests on the trees.

• Choose a souvenir that represents you and your partner’s character. For an optimistic and energetic couple, fireworks could become an interesting souvenir!To share you and your partner’s memory, a music CD containing the songs of your love story could be an alternative.

• If you prepare a big souvenir, send it along with the invitation, so your guests will not have to carry it during the party.

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