I have been designing wedding gowns for twenty years. How time flies. I have seen dozens, hundreds of brides-to-be having a beautiful and unforgettable wedding parties.

Many unique experiences give colors to the process. The dreams reflected on the eyes of the brides-to-be. The challenges faced them when trying to translate their wishes in the gowns. The profound emotion reverberating inside when designing a gown. The inspirations that come from a couples character. These are the moments I enjoy the most.

There are so many interesting stories behind a beautiful wedding gown. I learned so much from these stories. There is a unique story that I wanted to share with you. Because she wanted to follow the latest trend at that time, a bride wanted to have a wedding gown with an extremely long train. To fulfill her dream, I designed a gown that had a 6-meter-long train. That long train gave the bride difficulties at the Tea pai ceremony. The room was not big enough for it! Since then, I started designing detachable trains to make it easier for the brides.

These experiences have made me think that maybe it is time for me to share my knowledge through a website. This website is divided unto several topics and it serves as a practical guide for anyone who needs it. Behind my dreams that are reflected on elegant gowns, I want to accompany, understand, and minimize the difficulties that the brides and grooms face preparing -I believe!- a once in a lifetime party.

I also have another dream. I want this website to be a reference that can generate ideas to help and broaden the horizon of fashion lovers and other young gown designers. I want to boost their energy so they can produce more beautiful gown to give the brides their own unforgettable moments.

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